Another boring Saturday April 11, 2010

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Not so boring as just meh.  I’m not sure what to do because I have so damn much of it to choose from.  Should I write Examiner articles? Should I start writing the DINs for my new job, should I teach Kleiner to shake hands. See my dilemma? And speaking of himself…

We have a new family member. Wolfie adopted Kleiner for me for our anniversary because he could see the past week that it was getting harder and harder for me to contemplate letting him go to another adoptive family.  The perils of fostering. He’s our second failed foster, as Heimdall was our first. Must be something about those deaf boys with blue eyes, huh?  He is learning his hand signals quickly now and so bright. He checks in with me constantly, or with Dag. Yes, he loves his big brother muchly.

Now I have to go write four articles because I’M WAY BEHIND!!!  No, really I am!

Sorry this post is so boring, but it’s just that sort of day.  The most exciting thing I’ve done in the last 24 hours was take apart and rebuild a water analyzer at the GE plant. Oh, well…I did go to project Ruffway to benefit a local shelter but that wasn’t as much fun as the water analyzers, actually.


Oopsie (and the story of Snowflake) March 31, 2010

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So, I got nudged to update this place. I have to tell y’all… I’m in the midst of updating and rebranding my business website and my business itself, and according to my marketing coach I HAVE to keep up with my business blog,, my business twitter, altpet, and my business facebook pages,  Whew. That’s alot of being sociable and I’m not sure I’m up to adding this blog to the mix. But I’ll try.

Other than business growing, I don’t remember if I mentioned I’m now the national Great Dane Examiner, in addition to the Alternative Pet Health, which is also national now instead of just local to Denver. I’m excited about the writing, but it also means I have no brain cells left for recreational writing. Boooo!

Valentine found her forever home and we drove her to Omaha about a month ago to live with her new family. We get regular updates from them and she’s settling right in, which is what I love to hear. The best part is, she was surrendered because she nipped at a child (who was riding her like a horse) and the family who took a chance on her has two small girls who adore her and she loves them.  YAY for second chances.

We took a two week break from fostering to give Vala and Dag a chance to catch their breath and last week Jen, the incoming coord. for the rescue, and I drove to Goddard, KS to pick up Mr. Snowflake. We are really looking for a new name for him. He is so not a Snowflake. :)  He is deaf, however, and the sweetest, smartest dog in the universe, I think. Don’t tell my dogs I said that. Needless to say, I must share his story.

Joel calls him a three time loser, but not in a bad way. Just in the way that if things had been slightly different, he would have been gone three times over.  First, the woman who had him found him on the side of the road. Obviously dumped out due to his deafness, laying there like he’d been hit or something. But when she got out and got to him, he jumped up startled. She took him to the shelter, like a good samaritan, but when they told her if no one claimed him in 72 hours they would have to euthanize him, she took him home. Now, mind you, she is a very nice, compassionate woman and her and her husband have adopted many children who needed a home, but they had no idea what to do with a dog, never having had one and being rather clueless in that respect.  Thus, Snowflake spent the next 2 1/2 years outside in a kennel or chained up.

She finally realized he deserved better and called another rescue from the Denver area who sent volunteers out TWICE to evaluate him.  Well, being NOT socialized and on a chain in his territory, Snowflake put up quite a show of being vicious and protective.  They said they couldn’t get near him and recommended euthinasia, as well. Strike two.  Luckily, they weren’t organized enough to actually get this message to the owner, who continued looking for a place better suited for him and calling us.

After more than a month of communicating about him back and forth, it was decided that we would take him and since they were totally unable to bring him to us, we had to go get him. Truly, we had no idea what to expect because surrendering owners sometimes don’t know what to tell you.  For instance, they had no idea he was deaf…never occurred to them until we asked. So, we asked them to have him outside so we could already be in the house when he came in, thus helping our cause as people who belong there and not intruders on his territory.  That didn’t work out as planned, as Snowflake was waiting for us in the living room when Jen and I walked in, marking us instantly as the enemy, especially Jen who was first. He even got a little nip in on her tummy. :)  Luckily, it all turned out okay but not before we spent about a half hour feeding him bits of hot dog on the floor, then another half hour walking outside with his owner, who eventually turned the leash over to me and all of a sudden I was okay.  After a bit, I handed it to Jen and by the end of the walk around the lake, we were both just fine in his eyes.

At this point, we’d sent the owner back to the house so Snowflake wouldn’t be distracted and he calmed down considerably.  We figured we should go while the going was good, so Jen went back to get the car and drive it down to where I was with Snowflake and we loaded him in without even a goodbye to his family.  They totally understood, though, and were just very grateful and happy we could take him and provide what he needed.

I could continue this saga with our night in the motel with him, trying to sleep on the WORST beds in the world and him pacing half the night, but you get the picture. The drive home was uneventful and we got him all vetted the next morning before bringing him home for us to foster.

He’s been here a week now and already knows so much. It’s so amazing to watch the world open up for him in a way I’m sure he never knew was possible. He’s like a puppy growing a month each day.

That spot on his face is the only non-white part of him!

Hope this catches everyone up enough and I’ll try to be better about updating. But no promises. :) Ciao!


Can’t take my eyes off of you December 27, 2009

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I’ve been rejuvenated by reading knitting and sustainability blogs while on vacation.  I can do this. Yes we can!!

We’re having Etheopian with friends tonight before heading for home early in the morning.  We’ll get there sometime early Monday afternoon.  WE have a new renter moving in the 4th of Jan. after our current one moves out on the 31st.  This one is a traveling nurse with an Old English Bulldogge who wants to snowboard.

Dagobaz has been totally tuckered out by the long walks we’ve taken him on.  But, he’s come out of his shell by leaps and bounds on this trip and it’s just what we were hoping would happen with Valentine not here to hog all the attention.  He’s initiated play with the other dogs and is getting quite animated in his wants and needs.


Is this thing even on? December 25, 2009

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I sit here in Texas with the wind blowing so hard outside the dogs are fidgety.  It’s amazing how naturally one can fall back into old times with just a little nudge.  In no time, I remembered how to get around Sugar Land, which has grown an amazing amount since we left last. however, some things never change and that’s not always good, but I’m not going to be dump negativity on my blog today.

I’ve had a blog for years in one place or another, but I’m thinking of giving it a rest.  The media has turned blogging into a big time business and it just seems silly to take up space with random ramblings.  Facebook and Twitter cater to my ADD, sadly, but that’s the truth.  And now that life is running along on an even keel, there’s just boring, mundane things to report.  Maybe when I actually have a reason to report something of interest, I’ll pick up the virual pen and apply it to this page again.


Alert! No drama to report December 16, 2009

that’s right. It’s just plain old boring home stuff for us here at the wulf pack.

Did I tell you we’re not moving. No? Well, we’re not moving. Someone got a contract in before us and it looks like it’s going to go through. We were sort of hoping it would fail, but then decided it would be nice to have the winter to do the things around the house that will make it looks spiffy when we put it back on the market. So for now, urban Denver is stuck with us.

We have Valentine, a foster of extreme cuteness, if not stubbornness.  There is nothing subtle about Miss V.  She’s learned some manners and some rules of the house since moving in with us and now she’s all ready for her forever home.

We’re headed to TX for the holidays which means I can finally take off my long johns. OMG, it’s been cold here. I kid you not, but I have been typing with fingerless gloves on for two weeks.

Oh and I’m getting rockin’ new eyeglasses thanks to a certain SOMEONE contributing twice as much as I suggested to the flex plan.  Had an eye exam today and they confirmed that I am indeed going blind(er) and I have awesome taste in eyewear.

I’m officially on the board of the Rocky Mt. Great Dane Rescue and a bit overwhelmed at the amount of work involved, but so loving it.  My first vote, unfortunately, was whether or not to euthanize a dane who was deemed too aggressive to rehabilitate and train and it went badly for the dog.  Yes, I cried. I hate that part.  But what I love is getting letters from adoptive families telling us how wonderful the new member of their family is going and thanking us for bringing them together.  I guess it evens out.

I’ve rediscovered knitting and have plans to knit a pair of felted clogs, a cowl and a scarf all before winter is over.  Ha! Raise your hand if you’ve heard that one before.  However, I found an uber easy way to use up my stash of feltable wool.  This dog collar is so cute. And I knitted one up in an afternoon.  I see a possible new career in my future. LOL

Dagaboz continues to grow and fill out and find himself. His self-confidence is growing by leaps and bounds, it’s obvious.  He is becoming not quite so much the meek boy afraid to do something wrong and growing into his own needs and desires.  I love watching this. Hopefully there will be pictures soon.  Me and the camera really need to get reaquainted.


Can’t be thankful enough November 27, 2009

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It was a wonderful day sharing memories and good conversation with awesome friends.  There were as many dogs as people in the house and we have food for DAYS.  I’m in too much of a turkey coma to be too coherent, but I know my life is a series of blessings and things to be thankful for.  I hope yours is too.



Yes, this is the life I’ve gotten used to November 26, 2009

Nothing is ever easy. Even when it is.  And such has always been my life.

We thought we had it all figured out. Ha! Dontcha love when the universe laughs at you?  So, we put our house on the market and made an offer on 40 acres + a house that also had a pond and a creek.  That’s a BIG deal in Colorado. Water!!!  So, we do all that, only to find out another offer got in ahead of us and was accepted.  Now we have to decide if we want to still sell if we can’t have the place we really wanted.  We keep hearing how hard it is to make an offer and have it accepted if you have a contingency in the contract.  However, we don’t want to just sell to sell.  what we’re settled on is keeping the house on the market and taking a wait and see attitude, hoping that the contract that’s on the 40 acres falls through and we get a shot at it.

In happier news, our foster Valentine continues to thrive and learn manners, but insists on being a bad influence on Dagobaz.  Dag is such a big baby boy.  Is it a thing with female dogs vs. male?  The females are all stubborn and hard headed. The males are big marshmellows. Except today, Dag bit the contractor who was here fixing our walls.  He told me Dag was doing fine with him till Valentine rushed up barking and spooked him, causing him to take a chomp on the guy’s hand.  Eeek. Thank god he loves dogs and understood that wasn’t Dag’s usual MOP.  See what I mean about Val being a bad influence? Needless to say she stayed on probation the rest of the evening.

I cleaned Dag’s teeth tonight and I have to say they look SO GOOD!   I should have taken before and after pictures.




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